Quality You Can Count On

At Vulcan, quality is not simply an act, but is a habit. At our core we are tradesmen with a high degree of practical and theoretical knowledge of our trade, and our trade is making finned tubes.

“By the work, one knows the workman”

We take a very commonsense approach regarding quality. We believe that quality starts with well-designed and well-maintained facility, equipment and tools. A well cared for shop and equipment sets high standards for all. Seldom have we seen exceptional quality produced in an uncared for, disorganized shop. We take pride in our facilities, equipment and tools and it shows.

We believe that a finned tube is only as good as the components that go into it and the processes used to put them together. At Vulcan, your finned tubes are manufactured to your exact specifications using raw materials from reliable and well-known mills and processes that are straightforward, dependable and rugged.

We believe that well trained, experienced tradesmen produce more consistent quality finned tubes. Good people are difficult to find and even harder to retain. Training is difficult, time consuming and generally involves a learning curve period during which quality and production are not at their peak. At Vulcan, the average service of our workforce is 8 + years, with some who have been with us since the beginning in 1999. We are proud of this fact, and have learned that it directly translates into more consistent quality finned tubes.

Our Quality Assurance Procedures have been developed based on experience in successfully manufacturing finned tubes since our founding in 1999. Our QA procedures are simple, practical and founded on good sound commonsense. Key components of our QA program assure that:

  • All raw materials received are inspected to insure they are free from defects and meet your specifications
  • Traceabilty of materials are maintained throughout the finning process
  • All products are produced to Vulcan’s strict Standard Specifications
  • Your order is constantly monitored throughout the manufacturing process
  • Your order undergoes a final inspection before packaging
  • Your order is packaged properly to protect it during shipping

We constantly monitor our manufacturing process and continuously update our Quality Assurance Procedures to improve our finned tubes. We welcome customer visits and allow scheduled 3rd party inspections.