Aluminum Embedded Finned Tubes

Vulcan’s Aluminum Embedded Finned Tubes consists of aluminum fin strip that is mechanically embedded into the wall of the tube. The embedding process is controlled by tooling that first plows a groove into the tubes outside diameter, then guides the base of the fin into the groove and finally locks the fin in place by rolling the groove closed on the base of the fin. This strong mechanical bond holds up to vibration and continuous thermal cycling and can withstand temperatures far greater than those for aluminum L-foot finned tubes. Typical fin spacing is 10 fins per inch of tube length — this can be varied.

The following table shows common Aluminum Embedded Finned Tube configurations:

Tube OD 1”, 1-1/4” and 1-1/2″
Tube Wall .083″ minimum
Fin Height 1/2” and to 5/8″
Fin Type Solid
Fin Thickness 0.016″
Number of fins 8 to 11 fin per inch
Fin Material Aluminum 1100-0
Tube Material Generally carbon steel or stainless steel
Tube Length No practical limit

* This table should be used as a general guide to our capabilities for Aluminum Embedded Finned Tubes. Grade of material, tube outside diameter to fin height and other factors may limit these capabilities. Please call us for guidance when designing your next finned tube.

Aluminum Embedded Finned Tubes are typically used in higher temperature applications where temperatures may exceed 750 F. Applications include gas compression, process cooling and lube oil cooling.

To learn more about this product see Vulcan’s Standard Specifications for Aluminum Embedded Finned Tubes.