Welded Helical Serrated Finned Tubes Design Info

Use the the table below to display outside surface area and fin weight for welded helical serrated finned tubes. To display the data for a specific size pipe/tube, click the corresponding link. Shown on the right column of this table, for reference purposes, is the outside surface area for bare (unfinned) pipe.

OD Bare Tube Area Sq. Ft. / Ft.
1.0″ Tube 0.26
1-1/4″ Nom. (1.660″) Pipe 0.43
1-1/2″ Nom. (1.990″) Pipe 0.52
2.0″ Tube 0.52
2″ Nom. (2.375″) Pipe 0.62
2-1/2″ Nom. (2.875″) Pipe 0.75
3″ Nom. (3.500″) Pipe 0.92
4″ Nom. (4.500″) Pipe 1.18
5″ Nom. (5.563″) Pipe 1.46
6″ Nom. (6.625″) Pipe 1.73
8″ Nom. (8.625″) Pipe 2.26
10″ Nom. (10.750″) Pipe 2.81
12″ Nom, (12.750″) Pipe 3.34

The surface area shown in the data tables is the outside surface area of the finned pipe, including fin surfaces and exposed pipe surface between fins.

NOTE: The weight per foot shown in the data tables is for the fins only, and does not include the weight of the pipe (which is a function of OD and wall thickness). The pipe weight must be added to the fin weight shown in the data tables to obtain total weight. Pipe weight may be obtained from readily-available pipe charts.