Fabrication Services

Vulcan can provide full pipe fabrication services. We utilize SMAW and GTAW welding processes and have stress relieving capabilities. We can weld carbon steel, stainless, chrome-moly, high alloys, nickel base alloys and hastalloy. Our fabricators are certified through ASME Section IX, and maintain ASME “U”, “S” and “R” stamps.

When requirements call for finned tube lengths longer than that of standard available tube lengths, Vulcan can butt-weld tubes to length. We can also greatly reduce downtime and cost of field fabrication by welding on return bends and other fittings to make finned J-canes, U-tubes, inlets / outlets, crossovers or complete heater assemblies ready for installation.

Vulcan can also provide complete turnkey fabrication of tank heaters, including the following…

  • Assistance in determination of heat transfer capacity and heater size needed to meet operating design conditions.
  • Assistance in design of a heater configuration that will accommodate heater installation geometric constraints (tank size, tank access dimensions, man-way opening, etc.).
  • Preparation of detailed as-built drawings for the heater.
  • Complete shop fabrication of the heater.

Vulcan can fabricate tank heaters in any configuration – bayonet style heaters, multi-pass serpentine style heaters, stacked multi-pass serpentine style heaters, etc.

All of our pipe fabrication work is checked repeatedly throughout the process for dimensional accuracy, weld quality and conformance to specification. The finished product undergoes testing as specified by the customer which typically may include PMI, X-ray, dye-penetrant checks and / or hydrostatic pressure testing.